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social media marketing agency in London

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VeeDigi is one of the leading London-based social media marketing agencies helping businesses gain a strong foothold over the noisy terra firma of social media. Through our laser-focused marketing initiatives, we can help you create a formidable presence on all major social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.


years experience


Completed Projects



Why choose VeeDigi for social media marketing?

More focus on results

We understand that metrics are important in social media marketing but we focus more on delivering your results and consolidating your presence.

Data-based strategy

Data never lies. All our social media marketing endeavours are based on the intelligence that we gather using advanced social media management analytics tools.

Sustainable ROI

Content moves extremely fast on social media but nonetheless, we offer sustainable ROI to all our clients that they can count on for growing their businesses.

Vertical understanding of platforms

Through our social media management services you can avail deep understanding of individual platforms and execute tailored strategies.

One-on-one services

Once we agree to work together we will assign a dedicated project manager to your social media marketing campaign who will handle both your organic and paid outreach programs

Customized social media marketing solutions

We don’t provide templated services. Our every social media management service is tailored around your unique needs.

Our Social Media Management Services

Organic social media marketing services

Organic social media engagement can be a time-consuming undertaking especially when you also need to spend time on figuring out what type of messages to post and how to initiate conversations with your friends, followers, and contacts. Through our organic social media marketing services, we can help you implement an organic outreach strategy that will be sustainable over a long period of time and help you create a vibrant presence on different social media channels and apps.

Industry-specific strategy development

Your industry is unique, and so is your audience. In fact, audience behavior and the way they interact with your brand changes even from platform to platform. We will establish a social media marketing strategy specific to your industry and your audience.

Social media profile setup

Most of the social media users will check out your profile before deciding to interact with you. We will create a compelling and platform-specific profile for your organization that will help you acquire more contacts and followers.

Create a content calendar

Consistency is very important for establishing a prolific social media presence. Your audience must come across high-quality content from your brand on a regular basis only then they will notice you. Creating a content calendar will ensure that you have a repository of content to publish over a long period of time.

Design social media creatives

Being a premium social media marketing agency in London, we understand that it is very important to visually draw people to your updates. We will create captivating, relevant and informative visuals that will reflect the reputation of your brand. The creatives will also be molded according to the platform where they are being posted.

Build a social media community

The success of your social media campaign hinges upon your ability to build a community around your brand. Through constant engagement and productive interactions with your friends, followers, and contacts, we will build an enthusiastic and spirited community that will pay attention to your updates and also interact with you regularly.

Social media reputation management

People post all sorts of comments on social media. Negative comments about your brand can quickly escalate. We will not just build a social media platform for you to counter such comments, we will also promptly react in case such a situation arises. We will reach out to the aggrieved parties. We will resolve the issue amicably.

Paid social media advertising services

Unlike advertisements in conventional media, social media advertising is highly targeted and trackable. You can target income groups, ages, marital status, designations, professions, genders, regions, time zones, and even eating preferences or what sort of movies people watch. But you need to wade through lots of technicalities and if you are not specially trained in paid social media advertising and marketing, you can end up wasting lots of time and money. This is where our social media marketing agency can help you. We will bring down your advertising costs and raise the quality of leads and business opportunities you generate through your advertisements.

Facebook ads

Our Facebook advertising is driven by results, not just by Likes and Views. We will help you connect your product or service with your Facebook audience. The platform has 2 billion daily active users and hence, it is very important to figure out your targeting to save you money and generate a better ROI.

Instagram ads

Catapult your presence to an entirely new level through our stunning Instagram creatives and ad management services. We will help you showcase your products and services to your target audience through high-level targeting, influencer outreach, and analytics-based approach.

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional network with an active audience of more than half a billion users. Through our LinkedIn marketing services, we can help you create a presence in front of a vast professional base. We are constantly observing algorithmic changes in LinkedIn and tailoring our advertisements. Through a mixture of text and video advertisements, we will help you acquire followers and high levels of engagement on the platform.

Twitter ads

Grow your business presence on the microblogging platform through our Twitter advertising services. With millions of conversations happening every minute, it can be a noisy environment for your advertisements. Therefore, your creatives must be compelling, engaging, and highly relevant to the platform, and this is where our social media marketing agency can help you. Be a part of global conversations. Stay visible. Stay relevant.

Work with the full-service social media marketing agency in London

VeeDigi has a complete understanding of individual social media platforms. All our interactions are tailored according to the dynamics of the users of the social media platforms. We provide a balanced mix of organic and paid social media marketing services. Our metrics are based on results and not just likes and shares.
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